Lightweight Barrels
Lightweight Barrels built using gunwright's titanium spray process. high tech meets highly effective!

Gunwright - Advanced Gun Coatings and Products

Gunwright - Advanced Gun Products, including a new design of barrel manufacturing and coatings for enhanced accuracy and handling. Offering “Custom” gun building and modifications for the shooting enthusiasts who demand perfection in firearms.

Utilizing the best of true American entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity, Gunwright, LLC, a family-owned gun manufacturing operation in Gilbert, Arizona (USA) is proud to introduce a full service series of firearm engineered technologies to enhance your shooting experience.

These US patented and patent-pending advancements for firearms include three distinct categories of barrel modification and manufacture that utilize the best available, most sophisticated manufacturing and processing technologies in the industry.

Additionally, we offer full service Gunsmith activities to add value and worth to your firearms.

Whether you need vibration and thermal attenuation or a cosmetic upgrade, enhanced wear and corrosion resistance or significantly lighter weight, Gunwright now offers you a selection of improvements for your best firearms that are sure to provide you and your future generations with the best firearm performance that modern manufacturing can create and your money can buy.

Gunwright is an American company founded by David Wright and President of Accuwright Industries, Inc., an FAA Repair Station.

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Ti-Built Titanium Gun Barrels
Lightweight Titanium barrels
Wright-Built Barrels
Revolutionary Barrel Manufacturing Process
Super-Shot Barrel Coatings
Military Grade Barrel Coatings
Custom Built Rifles
Your Custom, Light-Weight and Extremely Accurate Gun!
Modify-Built Rifles
Customizing or Re-Building your rifle or gun
Accu-Grip Trigger Coatings
Accu-Grip Coatings
Trigger and Safety Coatings
Quik-Sear Coatings
Tungsten Carbide coatings for long life
Gunsmith Work
Professional Gunsmith Work by Gunwright™
Custom Built Guns